3 Tiny Tips for Talking About Jesus

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When it comes to having a conversation about Jesus, things can seem surprisingly difficult! We have different messages, different audiences and different personalities. We worry about coming across too hard or too soft. And worst of all, we worry that we are going to blow it if we say the wrong thing!

But there's good news; God knew all of that when he asked us to share his Gospel! He would never leave us hanging, so here are some tips to guide our conversations.

Begin with prayer. 
Stop. Breathe. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and words. Then listen to Him and trust. Even if you don't say everything perfectly, God will use all of it for His will, even the imperfect parts. 
Pray, hope and don't worry. - St. Padre Pio

Trust your heart. 
God has placed wisdom in your heart through your relationship with him. You're good to go! A conversation about Jesus isn't the time to panic and look outward for answers; look inward and ignore the noise outside you. You are having a conversation. Be in the now. Stay humble.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. - St. Teresa of Avila

Surprise them. 
Want to grab someone's attention? Surprise them. If someone is waiting for you to interrupt them, listen instead and surprise them. If someone is waiting for you to pass judgment, hold your tongue and surprise them. If someone is waiting for you to get angry, pray for patience and surprise them. The saying is true: actions speak louder than words. Most of the time, it is what you do, not what you say, that people remember. Surprise them!
Preach the gospel at all times; when necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi


The path of dialogue, reconciliation and peace must constantly be taken up anew, courageously and tirelessly. There is simply no other way.
- Pope Francis



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