What is Tiny Saints Online Fundraising?

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A contact-free, simple and effective fundraiser… all online.

Introducing something new: Tiny Saints Online Fundraising.

During fundraiser month, organizations invite friends and family to support their school or ministry by visiting www.tinysaints.com from the comfort of home. Once supporters select the link for your registered organization, 25% of their Tiny Saints order will be credited to you. We will ship the products directly to your supporters. Once fundraiser month ends, we will mail your organization a check for the total funds raised. It’s truly that simple.

A student, group and family experience

Fundraising can be about even more than fundraising.
Especially when students and youth are involved, fundraising should be about supporting an organization while having a chance to learn and grow. That's why we’ve developed stories, PDFs and activities for your students and families to enjoy. Examples include:

  • PDFs of patron saints and their stories
  • “Fun Fact” social media posts
  • Coloring and activity pages
  • Printable lessons about sainthood

    A low-stress alternative to other fundraisers

    You could run this whole fundraiser from a single laptop.
    You encourage your supporters to shop, and we handle all the shipping and customer service. Log in to view sales, earnings, reminders, and helpful downloads. We provide you with email content, social media posts, printable PDFs, activity pages, and more, all on an easy-to-use website.



    This fundraiser is 100% virtual; no-in person sales and no volunteers needed to organize
    Every customer’s purchase is made on www.tinysaints.com. We will process, package and ship every order from our warehouse in Orlando, Florida. If customers have any questions, we will work with them directly. All you need to do is use our downloadable marketing material to encourage families and supporters to click on your school or ministry link before they shop.

    Schools and ministries receive 25% of all purchases made by its supporters
    We want your fundraiser to be simple and straightforward in every way possible. Since folks have enough to worry about these days, we are skipping complicated purchase minimums, tiered percentages, and fine print. If your supporters make $100 in purchases, we will send you a check for $25. If your supporters make $100,000 in purchases, we will send you a check for $25,000. It’s that simple!

    No upfront costs, simple registration
    Register for free by contacting hello@tinysaints.com or using the contact form below. You don’t pay anything. Ever. Before everything starts, we’ll send you a DocuSign contract; it’s a promise from us to you that we will send you a check for 25% of all sales attributed to your supporters.

    A clean, secure, affordable shopping experience for your supporters
    Tiny Saints is an award-winning company known for our family-friendly products and pleasant shopping experience. Our prices and online experience are meant to put our customers’ minds at ease. Here are some things that you should know about our store!

    • Our products are designed to be affordable with prices ranging from $5 to $15
    • We offer free shipping on all orders $30 or more ($3 flat rate for all other orders)
    • 98.4% of our customers give our products a 5-star review!

    We’re in this together
    During fundraiser month, our team at Tiny Saints can focus all of our marketing efforts on supporting you! We prepare for months leading up to it, promote your fundraiser to all of our daily customers, and promise to send your check within two weeks of the fundraiser’s end.

    Best. Customer. Support. Ever.
    Becki will be the one point of contact that your school representative works with. No waiting on hold, no big corporation pretending to be a small company. There’s just a few of us at Team Tiny Saints, and Becki is in charge of fundraisers! Here’s her email: becki@tinysaints.com.

    We're here if you need us!