"This is a popular and easy fundraiser that we will continue to do every year!" 
Andrea S., teacher, North Dakota

"I have done two fundraisers with Tiny Saints, and I will definitely do more in the future. The fundraising discount is generous, the customer service is wonderful, and the delivery is timely."
Coralys M., student ministry, University of California, San Diego


Are you looking for a fun and affordable way to raise funds for your organization? You’ve come to the right place. At Tiny Saints, we like to keep things simple for you.

There are two ways to hold a Tiny Saints fundraiser:

Option #1 - Buy & Sell
Buy & Sell is about as straightforward as fundraising gets! Just purchase Tiny Saints online using the discount codes below. Sell them however you want, whenever you want! No timelines, point systems or seasons.

Most organizations who use Buy & Sell simply purchase their Tiny Saints, set up a booth using our easy-to-print marketing materials, and raise funds for their organization while inspiring love for the saints! Oh, and did we mention FREE SHIPPING on all fundraiser orders? (Please review our returns and exchanges policy.)

Option #2 - Order & Deliver
Order & Deliver is a great option for organizations who:

1) can operate on a longer timeline;
2) are motivated to get out there to make lots of sales; and
3) want team members and customers to engage and learn about the saints!

With Order & Deliver, sellers use our order forms and marketing material to collect orders. Your organization then makes a single order online using the collected funds and applying the earned discount code. The money you save is the money you keep! We'll send you your Tiny Saints (FREE Priority 2-Day Shipping), and you distribute them to your customers! (Please review our returns and exchanges policy.)


Printables and Marketing Material

 Doing an Order and Deliver fundraiser? Don't forget your order forms!

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Discount Codes

40+ 20% $4.00 $40 FUND20
75+ 25% $3.75 $100 FUND25
100+ 30% $3.50 $150 FUND30
250+ 35% $3.25 $400 FUND35
500+ 40% $3.00 $1,000 FUND40
750+ 45% $2.75 $1,700 FUND45
1000+ 50% $2.50 $2,500 FUND50
1500+ 55% $2.25 $4,100 FUND55
2000+ 60% $2.00 $6,000+ FUND60


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