Father's Day Special (Limited Set)

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Just a few saints for dads at a great bargain - and dad loves a bargain! Happy Father's Day from all of us at Tiny Saints! The set includes:

Saint Joseph
We suppose there is no better patron for fathers than the earthly father to Jesus! His role as a provider, protector and quiet hero speaks to the heart of every dad.

Mary, Blessed Mother
There are no fathers who don't have a mother to thank for that title. Honoring the mothers of our children is one of the most important jobs we have as a dad! Mary is an unequaled advocate for all us in that regard.

Saint Jose Sanchez del Rio
As fathers, our job is to raise children in virtue. Courage, faith, confidence, the list goes on. Young Jose Sanchez del Rio was just a boy when he was martyred, but he's a reminder that even little ones have the opportunity to great things. All it takes is a little virtue. 

Saint Moses the Black
The story of Moses the Black speaks to the wilder side of every man. An adventurous thief who later became a man of God, Moses the Black is a powerful reminder that we are growing and learning every day. Who would have thought that once we became dads, we still wouldn't know everything?!

Saint John Bosco
There is a LOT about Father John Bosco to love. He was a happy, non-judgmental father-figure to so many children. He played games and performed tricks to show how simple joys could open the hearts of others to the message of Christ. We're 90% sure he was big on "dad jokes."