Tiny Saints Online Fundraising™

What is Tiny Saints Online Fundraising?
Tiny Saints Online Fundraising™ is a simple but exciting way for your school, parish or ministry to raise funds without the anxiety of traditional fundraisers. Participants in our  fundraising event will receive 20% of all sales attributed to their organization at checkout. No complicated tier systems or competitions. To give you an idea of how your fundraiser might go, the average order at Tiny Saints is about $30-40. That's an average of $6-8 for every order!

How does it work?
Using social media content and printable PDFs that we provide for easy download, members of your organization encourage friends and family to visit www.tinysaints.com from the comfort of home.
During checkout, your supporters will select your organization from a dropdown menu and receive a confirmation email once their order has processed. We'll handle packing, shipping, payments and anything else you can think of! Your only job is to promote your fundraiser.

③ Physical checks will be mailed from Tiny Saints to fundraising organizations within two weeks of the fundraiser's last day.

During the fundraiser, you can visit www.tinysaints.fund to monitor progress and access information and downloads including:
• Printable activity sheets for students and families
• Fundraiser data including your amount raised to date
• Images and content for social media posts
• Marketing PDFs for emails or take-home folders